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The Far-Flung Wilderness (by Yu Chengyou)

It was a season of wind.  The strong wind blew not only the flowers but also a great many youngsters from everywhere of the nation to this far-flung wilderness.  While irrigating the thirsty black soil, these souls and bodies were also growing up.  We might as well be grateful to the cursed wind because when we were given a hoe, I also got a engraving knife.

From spring to autumn, I sowed and reaped on this black soil.  Is it an unregretful complex for the land or a self-mocking on my labor?  Then, the harvest in the autumn satisfied my hunger; the straws warmed my depressed heart.


When there is no wind, I stood at the end of the field path, looking at the scenery in the distance, I felt tempted by the unknown.  I had the urge to run forward, but feared I might stumble.  All I want is to be myself and share my passion for the land with the farmers.


Embay Brook                         2005, Woodblock Print w/Water Soluble Ink, 20.7"x23.6", Ed. 50



Stunned by Spring 2005, Woodblock with Water Soluble Inks, 26.25 x 29.25inches, Ed 29/50










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