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The Taiwan Cultural Tour is designed to share with you a unique experience of art and food in Taiwan, by The Sherwood Taipei (a five star hotel), Huei Fong Travel Service, and us.  You will be invited to a special preview reception at Art Taiepi as our guest.  For information about Art Taipei 2008 and our local partners, please visit the websites below:

Taiwan Cultural Tour August 2008

Sherwood Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan

Lalu Resort Hotel Taiwan

Huei Fong Travel Service 

The photo above shows the Taipei 101 Tower, which is the tallest building in the world.  It was taken by Ms. Janet Zimmer, an avid photographer, during the Tour.  Ms. Zimmer has generously agreed to share her memories as per the testimonial and more phtos below.

Taiwan Cultural Tour Testimonial by Ms. Janet Zimmer 


Another busy evening in Taipei





Taipei Bird Market

Taipei Long Shan Temple

Taipei Herb Store (Ginseng)

Martyr's Shrine Changing of the Guard

Keelung North Taiwan Coastline I

Keelung North Taiwan Coastline II

Sun Moon Lake