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LÜ Min (呂敏)

LÜ Min, born in 1962, graduated from the printmaking department of Yunnan College of Arts.  She won the Silver Award at the fourteenth National Print Exhibition.  Most of her paintings are inspired by transient moments in life and the scenes and objects are captured in a relaxed and free style. 

Her primary subjects are the Yunnan landscape and the lifestyles of the ethnic minorities there.  Indigenous figures are shown as decorative, sometimes exaggerated or primordial, with burly limbs and sturdy bodies.  The backgrounds, however, are compact and stylized with color schemes altered to highlight simplicity and fidelity.  The composition of the paintings is orderly, and the flat perspective of folk paintings as well as certain Western painting techniques can both be found in the gestures and facial expressions of her figures.  Though not lavishly colored, her paintings are coherent and vivid. 

Lü’s prints are exuberant, feminine, and childlike. They speak to her love of the region and its peoples, and to the grace of everyday life.

My Experience of Life and Art


by LU Min


As a female artist, when I chose printmaking as my career, I also chose to experience life as a journey.  Every print that I make is the reflection of the nature and its beings.  In each journey, I trace the upstream of my heart in search of the origin of my creativity.


In this process, I focus on my feeling.  The technique is just an expression, like the language.  In good art work, I believe we do not see the showy technique.  A production of a managed technique probably lacks the vitality of creativeness.  To me, creativeness is my pursuit of life-time.  To face art sincerely is to live honestly.  There is a saying in one book, “A great art work is like the beginning of a river.  It is also fed by water from another distance source, just like the inspiration in our heart.  It goes on and on.”  I want to transport the happiness of that moment to my prints and hope that it floats in the viewers’ hearts like a river.




Dancing in Sunset           2005, Reduction Print, 23.6"x22.6", Ed.30

Harvest Warm Wind  

1996, Reduction Print, 24"x23.6", Ed. 50

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