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Butterfly Tango 藍色探戈, 2000, mixed media on canvas, 23.8"x28.5"


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Jessica Pi-Hua HSU (徐畢華)

As a Taiwan-born Chinese artist, Jessica Pi-Hua HSU’s art has a multicultural awareness that includes both Eastern and Western influences, as well as traditional and contemporary nutrition.  For more than twenty-five years, Hsu has happily created her unique art. 

Born in 1957, she graduated from National Cheng-Chi University, Taipei in 1979 with a major in education. In 1987 she did further studies at the Graduate School of Arts, University of California at Berkeley, majoring in the history of art. In 1989, she studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, majoring in painting.


Hsu’s uninhibited creativity is inspired by Taiwan’s beautiful mountains and clear lakes and streams, and is shaped by her family’s humanistic view towards life.  She participates in domestic and international art circles where she is recognized as an outstanding professional, and one of the few brilliant contemporary female artists in Asia.


Her strong creative style encompasses not only Western minimalism and color palettes, but also the energetic rhythm of Chinese calligraphy. Hsu’s art is widely collected for both public spaces and by international collectors.

Dance of Butterfly Flower 醉蝶之舞 2004, mixed media on canvas, 28.5"x35.8"

Journey through Time 時光之旅 2004, mixed media on canvas, 42"x29.9"