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Hung Su-Li CV

Elm Branches,2003, oil on canvas, 30"x60"


Crested Serpent Eagle & Siris Tree 大冠鷲與大葉合歡 2008 woodblock print, 22" x 29.5" (paper size) Ed 50

 Statue of Liberty, July 4th 2006 woodblock print 8"x8" (paper size) Ed 50

Bicycle 2007, woodblock print,14.25" x 14.75" (paper size), Ed 50



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Hung Su-Li (洪素麗)


River Reflection I, II, and III

oil on canvas, 36"x36" each

Pale Moon Dream 一圈淡白的夢

1976, woodcut print, 23.75" x 13.75" (paper size) Ed 50







Met Life 2003 woodblock print, 26.25" x 10" (paper size) Ed 50