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Previous Exhibitions

Kazumasa ODA Exhibition 2010

ZHENG Lianjie (郑连杰) Exhibition 2010 

Liu Li Glass Art Exhibition 2010 

Kotaro Fukui: Ostriches and Irises 2009

Li CHEN Exhibition (李真) Energy of Emptiness

2009 Summer Exhibition

Bridging the World Through Art 2009   

2009 Spring Exhibition  


Taiwan Cultural Tour August 2008  

CHANG Yi-Hsiung NYC Exhibition Jan 2008


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Art Salon of Greenwich

The Art Salon of Greenwich, hosted by the Art Touch Collection, will present 4 programs in 2010.  Each program will feature a speaker.  Speaker topics will include but not be limited to, Asian art.  The program is free.  Registration is required due to limited seating.  Light refreshments will be served.  We hope to offer a virtual tour of culture and art via the speaker’s view and to create an enjoyable discussion through an interactive exchange of ideas in each program. 

Art Touch Collection, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, is a private gallery in a home setting.  The gallery exhibits and sells Asian contemporary art pieces of paintings, prints, sculptures and photography by established and selected emerging artists.


Our upcoming program will be held on March 18, 2010, Thursday, 1:00 – 3:00 pm at Art Touch Collection, 140 Round Hill Road, Greenwich, CT 06831. 


We are very pleased to have Ms. Koko Nakayama as our speaker.  Her topic is “Japanese Woodcut: from Ukiyo-e to Present”.  Ms. Nakayama worked 8 years as a curator with The Adachi Foundation for the Preservation of Woodcut Printing in Tokyo, Japan, before moving to Greenwich, Connecticut.  She had arranged and directed exhibitions at the Foundation’s gallery in Tokyo and abroad, including special demonstrations for international VIPs, like King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden and former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of Germany.

Registration is first-come first-served.  Please contact Jeff Lum at your earliest convenience at 203 661-0140 or


Current Exhibition

Kotaro FUKUI's "Heart of Flower"

Solo Exhibition  Sep 18 – Oct 16, 2010

Opening Reception:

Saturday, Sep 18, 2010

1 – 4 PM, RSVP before Sep 15th, Wed.                                                                                                     Artist will attend.  Light refreshments will be served

Art Touch Collection
140 Round Hill Road
Greenwich, CT  06831
Tel 203 661-0140  Fax 203 661-6869
Hours Tue-Sat 11 - 4

A 4th generation artist, Kotaro Fukui was taught by the traditions of Nihonga (Japanese style painting) and the development of Japanese modern art.  His father was a passionate advocate of the Japanese modern art movement of the 1960s & 70s. His great-grandfather, Koutei Fukui, was a Nihonga master & esteemed professor at the prestigious Tokyo School of Art (now Tokyo University of Art).


Kotaro’s work is collected by many museums & organizations, such as the Observations Center of Art Works, Saku City Museum of Modern Art, and the Japanese Government Agency for Cultural Affairs, Ehime Prefecture, the Sato Museum of Art & the Hiratsuka Museum of Art.


This exhibition focuses on one of Kotaro’s favorite motifs: flowers.  As a teenager, Kotaro stumbled across a photo collection book, “Hana” (“Flower”) by Yukio Nakagawa on his father’s bookshelf.  It left such a strong impression that it almost tasted like a forbidden fruit.  The flowers depicted were in their prime or old age of decay.  “Both beautiful and noble, the pictures seemed to encompass all of this world’s beauty, and felt to me to depict not mere flowers, but life itself.”

Haunted by this early realization, Kotaro created 3 series of flower paintings later in his life. 

The first “Broken Flower” is a display of the flower as it enters its last stage of existence.

The second is “Silent Flower”, inspired by a partition-panel painting by Sanraku Kano at Yogenin Temple showing a tree peony drawn on a gold leaf. 


The third is “Passion Flower” which is the subject of the Art Touch Collection exhibition.    This is the first time the series is exhibited in the U.S.  The flower is the tree peony which only shows their magnificent form for a few days in the year.  He said, “If I could draw a flower strong, supple and radiant, imbuing viewers an air of elegance, nobility, a feeling of ‘beauty’ absolute, expressible only in a painting..”.  This is what this exhibit intends to present: Heart of Flower.

GEN 源 2007 25 x 25cm - Indian Ink & Gold Powder on Washi

YU 2007 120 x 120cm - Indian Ink & Gold Powder on Washi



CHANG Yi-Hsiung (張義雄)

Venice, 1985, oil on canvas, 20.8" x 16", signed and dated lower right

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Jenny CHEN (張莉)

Fluid Exploration 2008-216 自在流意 resin with steel frame,

                                                                  2008, 36" x 36"

More on Jenny CHEN 


CHEN Long-Bin (陳龍斌)

One Buddha Two Systems, 一佛兩制,2008, books "China Base Data

                                                              Book" & "Taiwan Under War",  13"x8"x9" 

Notes on "One Buddha Two Systems"

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CHEN Zong-Guang (陳宗光)

Passion No. 1, 激情NO。1, 2008, oil on canvas, 70.9"x43.3"

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GAO Yuan (高媛)

Yakuza. 1990,Gelatin SilverPrint

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HAN Yuguang (韩宇光) 


Man's Two Hands 男人的双手, 2001, oil on canvas, 20.2"x11.8"


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Jessica Pi-Hua HSU (徐畢華)

Autumn Light 秋光疏影, 2007, mixed media on canvas,


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HUNG Su-Li (素麗)

Tulip Tree, 2006, oil on canvas 36"x36"

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LAI Tsun Tsun (賴純)

Flowers 2005, acrylic on canvas, 57"x43.3"

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LEE Chin-Chu (李金祝)

Beginning of Path to Endless Happiness 海闊天空, 2008, oil on canvas,


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Katherine MANN (陳子蘭)

Amah, 2008, watercolor and acrylic on paper, 76"x84", diptych


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Richard Sloat

Clear Night, 1995, Aquatint Etching Print, 11"x8", Edition 60

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Q. X. WANG (王庆祥 - 大泽人)

Swan Lake in Autumn, 2008, Acrylic on Canvas, 24" x 29"


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YANG Ming-Dye ( 楊明迭)


Watercoat No.12 水衣, 2008, Screen Print, 43.3"x32.3" Ed. 18


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ZHENG Lianjie (郑连杰)

Untitled, 1995, Acrylic on Shuan Paper, 18" x 16.5"


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