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The Boat Arrives at the End of the Bridge   2007 Woodblock Print w/Water Soluble Inks, 59"x33.86", Ed. 20

Flying Time   1991

Woodblock Print w/Water Soluble Inks, 15.75"x23.6", Ed. 95

Time Crossing Chapter No. 9   1998

Lithograph, 10"x12.6", Ed. 50


Time Crossing Chapter No.18 Tiger Wood   2001

Lithograph, 14"x22", Ed. 80

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GU Zhijun (顧志軍)

 Gu Zhijun was born in 1961 in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province of China.  He joined Suzhou “Tao-Hua-Wu” Woodcut Workshop in 1979.  After practicing traditional woodblock paintings for a number of years, Gu Zhijun tried hard to renovate his artworks which are now known for strong personality and uniqueness.  He studied at the Advanced Studies for Teaching Assistants in the Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, China in 1995 to further explore the features of various blocks.  He won the Silver Awards in the thirteenth and the sixteenth Chinese National Woodcut Exhibitions in 1996 and 2002, respectively


Thoughts on My Creation (by Gu Zhijun)


Maybe because having been doing traditional woodcuts for many years, I like to mingle traditional and more modern elements in my recent art creations.  The fictitious space created by the fusion not only shows the changes in time and their impacts on our lives, but also illustrates our passion for the real life in light of our attachment to the traditional culture.  In the parallel pursuits for traditional and contemporary concepts, a humble but sincere life is what I aim for. 


In the current chaotic age, I try my best to confront my true living status and to maintain a balanced mind.  The true feelings as they are perceived by me are what I try to express by my woodblock paintings.  No matter how tough the process is, the final outcome can hardly rival the excitements the process has brought me.  I am physically exhausted but mentally satisfied.  Every spot of my woodcuts is wet by my sweat but embodies my transient inspirations.  It’s like to have the dreams realized and the lost retained.  I love living.  I love woodcuts.