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Back to Heze in the Dream                       1994, Woodblock w/Oil Based Inks, 15.7"x25.6", Ed.50

Blue Wish                 1994, Woodblock, 15.8"x25.6"


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CHEN Long (陳龍)

After graduating from the Jiamusi Art Academy, CHEN Long continued his studies at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000.  In 2001, he was awarded the top prize at the Tenth Taiwan International Printmaking and Drawing Bi-Annual Exhibition.

Chen creates vivid visual effects by using strong contrasting colors—that contrast forms the basis of his unique personal style.  The artistic language he uses is modern but rich in traditional philosophical interests.  Often his artwork shows a supernatural detachment; upon deliberation, however, genuine emotional expression may be discerned.  Transition and harmony are made possible by his excellent engraving skills, adding charisma to his artwork.

Although well-educated in the academicism of the 1990s, Chen began his woodcut creations in Bei-Da-Huang and is therefore categorized as a third-generation Bei-Da-Huang artist.  Since 1998, his artworks have been widely recognized by their distinctive style and strong spirit.  The distinction lies in their fundamentally different visual style from that of earlier Bei-Da-Huang artists.  Against the backdrop of traditional woodblock printing, Chen’s artwork is clearly an image revolution aimed at spiritual sublimation.