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LAI Tsun Tsun  CV

South Wind Blowing 南風2007, acrylic on canvas, 69.3"x79.1"






 Moon Night Dark Fire 月夜暗火 2007, mixed media on canvas76.2" x 72.0" 

Ocean 海洋 2007, mixed media on canvas, 51.2"x152.4"


Summer, 2005, mixed media on canvas, 43.3" x 57.1"


 LAI Tsun Tsun (賴純)



Ms. LAI is an outstanding Chinese contemporary artist.  Her Chinese name "Tsun-tsun" signifies purity, natural, beyond the ordinary, and other worldly. With her abundant artistic gifts, Ms LAI steps into life, poetry, literature, music, dance painting and sculpture.  She loves all these fields and she is talented in all of them.  She has vigorous energy and desire to create, extensive knowledge and solid working experience.  She works diligently, committedly, and actively.  She also carries an extraordinary sensibility, particularly in her specialty of visual art, and she devotes herself whole-heartedly to painting and sculpture.

However, she has advanced beyond the over-used stereotypes of art expression.  From her study, researching and contemplation, she establishes her own unique ideas.  Mastering various materials and media, she has consistently progressed in her development as an artist.  She has had solo exhibitions, participated in group shows and international art activities in Taiwan, Japan, USA, Europe and Australia.  She never repeats herself, nor looks back to the past. (1)

(1) Exerpts by LEE Tsai Chin (scholar and sculptor).









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