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HAN Yuguang CV 

Deep Autumn 深秋, 1996, oil on canvas, 40"x31.9" 

Quiet Lake 静湖, 1997, Oil on Canvas, 39.4"x29.1"

 Male Nude 羞愧的人体, 2001, Oil on Canvas, 53.1"x15"




Toy On Cabinet


2003, Oil on Canvas, 53.1" x 26.8"



Still Life in Cabinet II 柜子里的静物之二, 2005, Oil on Canvas, 51.2"x31.5"

Sunshine Through the Woods里的阳光,1996, Oil on Canvas, 39.4"x29.1"

HAN Yuguang (韩宇光) - New Figuratism

HAN Yuguang's New Figuratism

Understanding HAN Yuguang's Oil Paintings

HAN's Sentiments Toward Painting







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