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Johnny Leo CV 

Johnny LEO (LIAO Wen Ping) 

(廖文彬) - Animamix Artist


Born in Taichung, Taiwan, 1961 

 In His Own Words: 

“Each of us is surrounded by the beauty of creation.  As a young child I was fascinated by the many colors of nature and the depth of human nature.  This fascination compelled me to take pen in my hand and create pictures from my soul.

 "Painting is an expression of the soul.  When artists paint, they are sharing their inner thoughts with the viewers.  It is a friendship at an intimate level.  How fortunate we are to be able to share our hearts with one another?  Let us remember when the artists share their works, they are sharing their hearts.  Embrace them because they want to make our lives better!”

– By Johnny Leo


Walking in the Clouds

2007, Oil on Canvas, 51.2" x 63.8" 



Electronic Bear 2007, Oil on Canvas, 35.8" x 45.9"




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