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Jenny CHEN (陳張莉)


-by Jenny Chen

藝術的創作過程在於從不斷的實驗中找尋它的可能性.  當一個問題解決的同時新的問題又出現了.  因此這個周而復始的再生現象變成我的創作素材, 可以隨時運用.


The creative process requires an artist to make the experiment continually to invent the best conditions for the birth of art. At the same moment that a problem is successfully resolved, one discovers that a new problem immediately arises and follows. Thus this continuous cycle of death and rebirth embodies the knowledge that I can frequently apply and refer to.




"Experience" contains many stages and levels. Like a seed, it grows and changes with the passage of time; an initial triggering experience undergoes fermentation from an objective memory into subjective perceptions as it interacts with other memories and insights.


 “自在留意”系列是另一個以實驗性去探索不同媒材的可能性, 讓我走出了二度空間的攀釐.  就那一念差, 卻海闊天空.


“Fluid Exploration” series is another experiment for searching the possibilities among mediums. It helps me to get rid off the obstacles in 2 dimensional aspect. Only one small step change can I jump to another level.