ART TOUCH COLLECTION Contemporary Chinese Art and Modern Japanese Print Art



ART TOUCH COLLECTION is located in Greenwich, Connecticut and is 45 minutes from New York City.   It was founded by Jeff and Lillian Lum in 1997.

Jeff and Lillian together have more than 50 years of leadership experience in international finance.  Combining their business management skills with their passion in fine art, they offer an exceptional blend of creative and disciplined approach to each project they manage.

Art Touch Collection works with many outstanding established, exceptional mid-career and emerging artists working in the medium of painting, photography, sculpture, multi-media, prints and video with an emphasis on Contemporary Asian Art.

In addition to organizing salon style exhibitions in a private setting on premise, other venues for exhibitions include art fairs and museums in the U.S. and abroad.  The gallery is open by appointment only.

Its founders have a special interest in Contemporary Asian Art and are currently promoting the work of CHANG, Yi-Hsiung (aka Yoshio CHANG or ZHANG, Yixiong), CHEN Long-Bin, Jenny Chen, CHEN Zong-Guang, GAO Yuan, HAN Yuguong, Jessica Pi-Hua HSU, HUNG Su-Li, LAI Tsun Tsun (aka Jun T. Lai), LEE Chin-Chu, SHI Yi, Richard Sloat , Q. X. WANG, YANG Ming-Dye and ZHENG Lianjie.  They also have interests in Modern Japanese Prints (of such artists as Toko SHINODA, Clifton KARHU, Katsunori HAMANISHI, Yoshio IMAMURA and Hiromitsu TAKAHASHI (among others)) and Modern Chinese Prints (of such artists as CHEN Long, GU Zhijun, HAO Ping, LI Yangpeng, LU Min, MA Li, SHI Yi, and YU Chengyou).

If there are any questions you can reach us via the contact information below.

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If you have any interest in buying or selling work of these artists, please contact us via phone or email for further discussions